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Phone: (714) 730-5397



Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

Sometimes, the threat of vapor intrusion is associated with naturally occurring compounds, such as methane. Dangers associated with methane include explosive environments and asphyxiation at higher concentrations. In

PCE Sub-Slab Depressurization

This project in Los Angeles, California, involved a building that formerly housed a metal plating shop. The processes involved with the plating operations used PCE (a chlorinated solvent

MTBE Remediation

This project in Riverside, California, involved an insurance company policy that was called into effect. The insurance company, American International Group (AIG), paid for the client's attorney, paid

Canyon Clean Out With UST Removal

In 2014, The Reynolds Group was hired to clear out decades old debris from a canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains for an expansive private residence. TRG initially

Hexavalent Chromium Remediation

In 2013, The Reynolds Group assisted a publicly traded technology Fortune 500 company in unwinding a lease obligation at one of its former West Coast facilities. This case

Soils Corrective Action Plan

Large (Five Feet) Diameter Auger Rig Next to Structure The Reynolds Group was employed to devise and implement a soils Corrective Action Plan for a property in Ventura,

Brownfield Spill Response & Closure

Following the release of a significant quantity of PCB containing oils from a former electrical switching building, The Reynolds Group assisted the Brownfield property owner with spill cleanup,

UST Removal in Los Angeles

The Reynolds Group was hired by the Association for Los Angeles Sheriffs (ALADS) in 2007 to resolve what appeared to be a rather complicated underground storage tank (UST)

Soil Remediation Through Removal

As part of the redevelopment of downtown San Diego during the creation of the Petco Baseball Park, The Reynolds Group was awarded a contract by the Centre City Development

Mitigation of Soil Contamination

One of the largest national suppliers of baked products to McDonald's Restaurants needed to assess and mitigate soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons (hydraulic oil) inside of their leased