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Phone: (714) 730-5397



Dry Cleaner Assessment

The Reynolds Group completed a controversial assessment and remediation that involved Assessment, Health Risk Assessment and Remediation through the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA). The controversy was

Dry Cleaner Assessment

During the due diligence for a real property transaction, contamination was discovered at this site. The seller retained the liability to remediate the contamination and hired The Reynolds

Soil Assessment and Remediation at Local Corrections Facility

The Reynolds Group routinely assists clients with evaluating remedial alternatives and costs to remediate.  We can also act as Owner’s Representative on remediation projects.

California UST Cleanup Fund Case in Los Angeles

The Reynolds Group worked with a property developer in downtown Los Angeles on a mixed-use commercial property development.

Benzene Air Exchange Rates

While developing a site for a senior living facility, The Reynolds Group's client encountered soil and groundwater impacted with gasoline. The contaminated groundwater was flowing from a gasoline station

Human Health Risk Assessment

The Reynolds Group's involvement in a major shopping center development saved the owner of the project potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Two environmental issues arose during the

Injection and Monitoring

Located on the border of Los Angeles and Culver City, this site lies within the Charnock sub-basin, from which the City of Santa Monica has historically obtained drinking

Real Estate Attorney Transaction

The Reynolds Group has had another relationship with a real estate attorney whose clients are real estate trusts and mid-size financial institutions since 1989. TRG was able to

Bona Fide Ground Tenant: Leasee Cleaning Up Contamination

An attorney The Reynolds Group has worked with was instrumental in creating SB989, The Bonafide Ground Tenant concept. SB989 allows real estate transactions under a lease to own

Brownfield Redevelopment Success

This site had lain fallow for a decade. It had contained a mechanical manufacturing business, a dry cleaner and a gas station at one time. The Reynolds Group worked