Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Alejandro Fuan: Project Manager, Registered Civil Engineer


Mr. Fuan is a California Registered Civil Engineer who brings to The Reynolds Group (TRG) more than a decade and a half of hands-on work experience and advanced technical knowledge of environmental issues involved with soil, water, and air contamination.  Mr. Fuan routinely designs, supervises, and performs environmental site assessments.  He also oversees the pilot testing design, engineering, construction, installation, and operation of active remediation systems.  As a versatile engineer with a background in hydrogeology, he serves his clients well with his assessment, strategic planning,  tactical skills, and visualization skills.  Mr. Fuan is proficiently responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and implementing projects of different scales.  He continues to remain current about regulations and interacts with government authorities on behalf of TRG and its clients. Mr. Fuan has been responsible for interpretation of complicated hydrogeological data and conceiving and implementing Remedial Action Plans.

Mr. Fuan received his Environmental Engineering Bachelor B.S from the University of Southern California in 2000, his Environmental Engineering M.S. in 2002 (Emphasis: Hydrogeology), and also is a California Registered Civil Engineer.  As an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California, Mr. Fuan was selected to conduct laboratory research on chlorinated  volatile organic chemicals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and mathematical modeling.  He is a member of the civil engineering honor society, Chi Epsilon.  Mr. Fuan also is multilingual in Spanish, Mandarin, and Hakka Chinese dialect.

Project Experience

UST Cleanup Fund Closure at Local Car Wash – Santa Ana, California
The Reynolds Group was contracted by a Car Wash Company to assess and remediate a local car wash in Santa Ana, California.  Working closely with the owners and regulators involved with the project, The Reynolds Group was able to remediate the soils and groundwater contamination at the site.  Under the Low Threat Underground Storage Tank Policy, the State Water Resources Control Board closed the site over the Regional Board’s jurisdiction.

Dig and Haul Excavation – Los Angeles, California
This project in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles was performed to address the ongoing source of contamination to groundwater and to enable the property to be redeveloped.  The processes of procuring funds, regulatory negotiations, reporting, confirmation sampling and project management were entirely performed by TRG.

In August of 2010, The Reynolds Group managed the excavation and disposal of 1,800 tons of soil contaminated with gasoline from a site in Los Angeles.  TRG permitted the work with the City of Los Angeles Building and Safety Department, Grading Department, Bureau of Engineering and Department of Transportation in addition to CALTRANS and the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board.  TRG produced the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) in house as well as the Site Specific Health and Safety Plan and Final Cleanup Report for the project.  The CAP contained a detailed Cleanup Alternative Analysis.  TRG personnel managed the cleanup contractors who performed the excavation, loading, hauling and disposal of the contaminated soil and the backfilling, compaction, final grading and paving of the site.  Confirmation sampling of the excavation was also performed by TRG personnel.  The site is currently being considered for closure after the performance of the required post excavation groundwater monitoring.

UST Cleanup Fund Case Closure – San Diego, California
TRG’s client had an open case at the San Diego Site Assessment/Mitigation Unit since 1991.  When TRG was contracted as the environmental consultant of record in 2008, the case had already been transferred to the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (SDRWQCB).  We helped our client gain access to the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund (USTCUF) which reimbursed them for previous costs associated with assessment and source removal.  TRG then completed the assessment of the contamination at the site and aggressively pursued case closure from the SDRWQCB arguing there was no need for active cleanup at the site.

In less than two and half years, TRG was able to obtain funding and close a case that had lingered for well over a decade.  All work performed by TRG was within USTCUF cost guidelines and was fully reimbursed bye the USTCUF.

Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation of Gasoline Plume – Garden Grove, California
The Reynolds Group assessed and remediated gasoline (including MTBE) impact to shallow soils and groundwater at the site of a former distribution center.  During the completion of vertical and horizontal assessment of the gasoline plume, a groundwater pump and treat system was installed and operated at the site as an Interim Remedial Action to control the off site migration of the gasoline plume in the groundwater.  While gasoline (BTEX and MTBE) concentrations decreased significantly in the groundwater, a high pressure air sparge and soil vapor extraction system was installed and operated to address the remaining gasoline impact at the site.  The air sparge and soil vapor extraction systems were operated continuously for 26 months and intermittently in a “pulsing mode” for approximately 12 months.  TRG petitioned for closure from the Orange County Health Care Agency, the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board and the California Water Quality Control Board.  Closure was obtained, and the clients real asset’s value was restored.