Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Environmental Real Estate Transaction Advice

The Reynolds Group has developed a broad portfolio of legal and expert witness work related to environmental contamination, assessment, remediation, reasonable value of construction, and related financial matters.  In addition, TRG’s Principal Ed Reynolds is available for select expert engagements.

For example, in August 2014, Mr. Reynolds consulted with Ralph Kalfayan of the law firm of Krause Kalfayan Benink & Slavens, LLP regarding the standard of care matters and regulatory issues related to a real estate transaction between an indemnitor (a large oil company) and Mr. Kalfayan’s client, a small developer.

At issue was whether or not the purchase developer would have any environmental challenges in the future and if the large oil company satisfied the covenants of their lease agreement regarding completing environmental remediation.

TRG has facilitated numerous commercial property transactions and we are qualified to provide expert consulting, testimony, and strategic advice for a variety of environmental cases.