Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Saving Our Groundwater

The CA State Legislature was responsible for voting in SB 445, a bill that reforms and extends the CA Cleanup Fund (the Fund) until 2026, adding ten more years. Originally, the Fund was scheduled to sunset on January 1, 2016.

The Fund is a widely-used tool to provide funding to property owners to clean up contaminated properties. For context, initial FY 14-15 budgets aggregated across close to 2,200 sites is approximately $100,000,000. Contamination at these various sites represents a tangible threat to our groundwater.

The Reynolds Group supported the passage of the SB 445 as many of our Clients could not afford to assess and perform remediation to their properties without the financial assistance the Fund provides. We asked the help of our Clients to voice their opinion to vote in SB 445. There were two simple steps:

1. Find your State representatives by clicking here.

2. Voice your support by contacting your State Senator and State Assembly person.

You were able to visit your representative’s website and find the “Contact” button. Then use a form of this letter below either letter, fax, or e-mail.

A suggested template:

Subject: SB 445 (Hill) as Amended 8/14/2014, Underground Storage Tanks

Position: Strong Support

As a concerned citizen, I am writing you to express my support and urgent need for passage of bill SB 445. This bill maintains and modernizes the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Cleanup Fund that was created in 1989 and which is otherwise scheduled to sunset soon. The State should fulfill the obligation it committed to when the UST Cleanup Fund was originally put into place by the legislature.

This bill is critical to continuing the cleanup of groundwater and soil that is polluted. Small business owners cannot afford to do what is necessary to take care of fuel spills on their property and protect the environment. With the current drought causing a water shortage, cleaning up our groundwater is of utmost importance.

The UST Cleanup Fund provides financial assurance necessary to meet Federal requirements, and includes funding for clean up of UST fuel spills. I understand that involved stakeholders have worked diligently to help legislators improve the effectiveness and benefit of this important program.

I again urge your support for SB 445.