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Phone: (714) 730-5397

NPR Contacts TRG’s Dwayne Ziegler For LUST Input

The Reynolds Group is well-known for its assessment and remediation expertise and ability to work across variety of stakeholders. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a nationally recognized and respected journalists from National Public Radio (NPR) sought TRG’s General manager Dwayne Ziegler to provide input about a leaking underground storage tank.

Here’s a small excerpt from the article:

Remediation efforts began at the Sammons & Sons site in 2006, and so far the site has cost the state cleanup fund slightly more than $1.1 million. Today, benzene levels in the groundwater are approaching 3,000 ppb and MTBE is close to 1,000, said Dwayne Ziegler, general manager for the site’s current remediation company, The Reynolds Group.

“That’s generally what you’re shooting for, to where you can stop cleaning up and close the site down,” Ziegler said.

To view the whole story, check out the article on KQED’s website by clicking here.