Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Policy Update: Funding Available for Owners/Operators of Single-Walled USTs

With the recent passage of SB 445, owners and operators of single-walled USTs are required to remove and replace single-walled USTs with double-walled USTs.

The Reynolds Group is expertly versed in the art of acquiring funding and reimbursement for our Clients. TRG fights for low-threat closure and are experts in administration of the Cleanup Fund, Orphan/EAR accounts, and RUST Grants and Loans.

The CA Water Board recently announced important changes to RUST Loans and Grants, making them available to select small businesses who wish to finance the cost of UST removal and replacement. More information is available by clicking here and here.

Of course, following removal of a single-walled UST, some additional assessment and corrective action may be required. TRG’s renowned expertise in Cleanup Fund can help clients receive reimbursement from the State of California for environmental cleanup of their properties.

Single-walled UST owners: do not wait for funding to dry up!

While there are still funds available, contact The Reynolds Group to get started on your UST removal, cleanup, and funding today. Call the office at (714) 730-5397 or email [email protected]