Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

F. Edward Reynolds, Jr: Principal, Registered Civil Engineer


Mr. Reynolds is a California Registered Civil Engineer who has held positions of significant responsibility in several companies. Today, his primary responsibility is managing the entire operations, marketing, finance, and human resources as CEO of a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting and construction company that performs approximately 350 projects per year, known as The Reynolds Group (TRG). For 25 years, Mr. Reynolds has provided professional oversight as the lead Registered California Civil Engineer and Responsible Managing Officer for TRG’s contractor’s licenses.

In his technical capacity, Mr. Reynolds develops case specific strategies and design, approves, and reviews many work plans and technical reports that the company produces. Mr. Reynolds is proficient in complicated subsurface investigations, remediation, and operations and maintenance (O&M) of active remediation systems. Soil and groundwater assessments range from shallow soil gas surveys for chlorinated compounds to installation of deep groundwater well networks. His remediation experience has included air sparging, dual phase extraction, vapor extraction, groundwater pump and treat, chemical injection, excavation and bioremediation of many different chemicals. TRG has obtained regulatory closures on hundreds of environmentally impaired properties.

Mr. Reynolds leads the company in aggressively moving projects to closure while maintaining a good working relationship with the regulatory agencies. He is also responsible for pricing and executing contract related construction and O&M work.

Mr. Reynolds received his Civil Engineering B.S. from University of Southern California and Civil Engineering M.S. from University of Houston. He also attended Harvard University for his MBA. He is considered a qualified legal expert.

Project Experience

Brownfield Site Assessment and Remediation – Los Angeles, California
The Reynolds Group assessed and remediated a 17 acre Brownfield property that contained more than 20 different contributing polluters including but not limited to a glass manufacturer, various metal industries, and a gas station. The site was contaminated with chlorinated compounds, heavy metals, gasoline, and PCBs. This $50 million Brownfield development was the partnership between the largest Latin developer in the United States and the County of Los Angeles to build a super regional mall. For financial reasons, the advancement of development and the environmental work occurred concurrently. Assessment and remediation work included all the tools necessary for the trade: excavation and disposal, soil vapor extraction, and historical research to mitigate concerns about background levels. In the end, the super regional mall was completed and levels of metals, chlorinated compounds, and gasoline were shown to be via The Reynolds Group’s assessment, remediation, and health risk assessment skills within tolerable levels for Building Occupancy Permits to be issued. The Reynolds Group has been engaged recently to oversee additional assessment for prospective tenants regarding “soil vapor intrusions” and the results have been favorable.

DTSC Closure at Former Dry Cleaner Facility – Los Angeles, California
The Reynolds Group was retained by a client who owned a former dry cleaner site. TRG performed a Human Health Risk Assessment since there was a public school next to the property and found low detections of PCE at the site. The low levels of PCE was monitored over a span for four months and results showed the detections were stable. TRG requested a case closure without requirements for mitigation and the DTSC, the lead regulatory agency, closed the site with a deed restriction.

Phase I ESA: Soils Investigation for Future Housing Development – Cypress, California
The Reynolds Group was hired by a local real estate developer to conduct a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on a property where they would develop future residential housing. The property has 3.2 acres of undeveloped land that once might have been used for auto dismantling in the 1920’s. The Client opted to perform a limited Phase II ESA investigation consisting of a soil gas survey to assess shallow soil vapors throughout the property and to evaluate any potential health risk for its future residents. TRG obtained closure at the site from the Orange County Health Care Agency without any delay for the future housing development project.

EAR Funded Assessment Project – Coachella, California
In the first quarter of 2014, The Reynolds Group obtained full regulatory closure for a contaminated Brownfield site in the City of Coachella. The closure of the fallow “Brownfield” site allows the City and surrounding impacted properties to realize their full economic value without any environmental impairment discount.

The cleanup was funded by the Emergency, Abandoned, and Recalcitrant (EAR) Account, which is administered by the State of California Cleanup Fund. TRG assessed the gasoline plumes in soil and groundwater, which extended far off site across a city street and beneath neighboring properties, installed soil vapor extraction and “bio-air sparge” systems, and completed active remediation. An MTBE “cut off plume” was also cleaned up south of the Site. TRG conducted semi-annual groundwater monitoring through an extensive network of groundwater monitoring wells.

Expert Litigation Work – California
Mr. Reynolds has been an expert witness in many cases involving environmental contamination, remediation and assessment work, real estate transactions, and contractual matters. Each case is unique in which Mr. Reynolds knowledge and expertise is required.