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Phone: (714) 730-5397

AHERA Program Management & Lead Consulting

Pending renovation projects may create major liabilities if asbestos program documents are not reviewed during the project’s planning phase and potential issues proactively managed. The Reynolds Group has been providing environmental consulting, assessment, and oversight services to Southern California school districts and commercial building owners since our founding in 1989. The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), created in the mid-1980s, did not require school districts to investigate exterior building components/materials. Consequently, stucco, window caulking, and roofing systems have generally not been tested for asbestos content. Also, many school districts elected to assume that certain building materials contained asbestos without actually testing the materials. Many times sampling was not properly performed or did not satisfy current project needs.

Prior to starting renovation, modernization, or demolition work, local air quality management districts now mandate that “suspect” exterior and interior materials impacted by the project be properly tested for asbestos content. Abating materials without testing for asbestos can be a needless project expense. A supplemental sampling program allows a school district to better assess the costs of pending construction projects and reduce accidental asbestos exposures.

AHERA Services

TRG provides supplemental asbestos investigations for numerous school districts in the Winter and Spring months in preparation for Summer renovation projects. Roofing replacement programs and expansion projects that were previously untested or assumed to contain asbestos, such as sprayed acoustical ceiling texture, plaster or drywall, window sealants and flooring materials, require a thorough review of the asbestos management plan. We are ready to assist with the review to complete a supplemental investigation, if needed. This could prevent the need of an emergency response if asbestos has been disturbed unwittingly.

TRG can provide design/abatement specifications, bid phase assistance, and documentation/monitoring/clearance services during any required asbestos abatement work. We are available to review and update your management plans or complete your 3-year re-inspections to promote compliance with AHERA record-keeping requirements.

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