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Soil and Groundwater Investigation

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Soil and groundwater investigations provide accurate information about environmental sensitivity, risk, and potential liability under real properties. The Reynolds Group acquires and processes numerous kinds of data to determine the magnitude and extent of potential contamination by a variety of methods:

  • Reviewing current and historical site activities to determine potential issues of concern
  • Completing geophysical subsurface assessments
  • Advancing soil probes using TRG’s own Geoprobe® equipment
  • Taking groundwater samples using Hydropunch® technology
  • Performing soil borings using a variety of drilling methods suitable to varied soil conditions
  • Constructing groundwater monitoring and vapor well networks
  • Collecting indoor and ambient air quality samples, wipe samples, and bulk samples
  • Excavating where appropriate to visually observe and quickly assess conditions
  • Managing full-scale soil gas investigations with on-site laboratories

The results from groundwater and soil investigations provide relevant information regarding potential contamination for use in property transfers, liability valuation and acquisition, litigation support, remedial action planning, regulatory negotiation, source identification, and waste minimization. Our two decades of experience with wide ranges of organic and inorganic chemicals provide our clients with the breadth of knowledge to tackle any assignment worldwide. TRG also provides a full range of risk analysis, expert consulting, and soil and groundwater remediation services.

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