Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Educational Institutions

The Reynolds Group has been providing environmental consulting, assessment, and oversight services to Southern California school districts since its inception in 1989. TRG provides hazardous materials consulting, real estate due diligence and transaction support, contract management, and direct contracting for remediation of contamination.

TRG has worked with property owners, real estate developers, legal counsel, risk managers, and regulatory agencies to evaluate and overcome environmental challenges associated with real properties. As professional consultants and environmental contractors, we apply practical, cost-effective methods to assess and resolve problems. TRG effectively navigates clients through regulations to create pathways for real properties to realize their full financial and functional value.

AHERA Services

In 1989, one of TRG’s first projects involved a district with 50 schools facing the panic caused by the Federal Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response Act (AHERA). TRG developed a reputation as a prudent, calm consultant that provided services to school districts that resulted cumulatively in millions of dollars of costs savings.

If institutions wish to renovate their buildings, our certified consultants can evaluate the testing needs and conduct a professional asbestos or lead property assessment. The law now requires that prior to renovation or demolition, it has to be determined if asbestos-containing materials are present. In addition, AHERA requires that any building constructed, or obtained, after 1988 must be inspected for asbestos material if the architect, or pre-fabricated building manufacturer, has not provided a letter to the school stating that non-asbestos materials were specified/used in the construction.

Even if there are no buildings in the district’s Local Education Agency (LEA) with confirmed or assumed asbestos-containing materials, the district must have a “designated person” for its asbestos program, perform a “re-inspection” every three years, have/retain a management plan for each K-12 campus, and annually notify parents, teachers, and employees of the management plan’s availability.

CERS Services

Effective in 2013, school districts are required to submit data through the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) to local regulators about their hazardous waste and hazardous materials management to ensure compliance. CERS is a statewide web-based reporting system for organizations to electronically report, collect, and manage various hazardous materials-related data as mandated by California Health and Safety Code and 2008 California legislation. TRG’s CERS account manager services includes preparing, uploading, and maintaining hazardous materials documentation, managing interaction with the local program agency, and informing our client when changes may affect them.

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