Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Insurance Companies

In many environmental cases, insurance companies can be involved as policy providers or investors. The Reynolds Group has a broad portfolio of insurance companies and their expert consultants (even if TRG is not the expert consultant) to advance environmental objectives.

Environmental Services

In some cases, TRG works for a client whose environmental issues are covered under insurance policies. In such a case, we work with the insurance company’s expert consultants to assure that all aspects of the work are pre-approved and within the policy coverage so that work can proceed.

Occasionally, an insurance company will hire TRG to provide its own expert opinion about an oversight of a case or potential environmental liabilities. In that case, we can review and provide oversight of other consultants’ work to the benefit of the insurance company.

Many times, insurance cases can get very complicated and involve attorneys. TRG has been involved with expert cases, insurance recovery, and other types of projects that involve negotiating with insurance companies and avoiding litigation.

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