Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Metal Finishers

Metals industries, when taken as a whole, are one of the largest user groups of toxic chemicals in the world. California has been one of the largest centers of metals-based industries, supplying the defense, automobile, and special products industries. Some of the materials used in metal finishing are solvents and surfactants for cleaning, acids and bases for etching, and solutions of metal salts for plating the finish onto the substrate.

Environmental Services

The Reynolds Group has been providing assistance to this industry for twenty years, beginning in the 1980’s, when small metal plating operations were scrutinized for contributions to U.S. EPA Superfund programs. Now, business and property transactions involving metal finishers routinely require environmental due diligence.

TRG uses the results from metals investigations to provide relevant information regarding potential contamination for use in property transfers, liability valuation, litigation support, remedial action planning, regulatory negotiation, source identification, and waste minimization. Our two decades of assessment and remediation experience, with a wide range of organic and inorganic chemicals, provide our clients with the breadth of knowledge to tackle any assignment. TRG also provides a full range of risk analysis, expert consulting, and remediation services.

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