Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Non-Profit Organizations

The Reynolds Group provides environmental consulting and contracting services to non-profit organizations. We have helped numerous non-profit organizations evaluate potential gifts of real estate, negotiate leases on top of contaminated real estate, evaluate real estate assets, and seek sources of funding (grants and loans) to deal with contaminated real estate.

Environmental Services

TRG has acted as an on-going consultant when non-profit organizations wish to expand into new territory. We have performed hundreds of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and screenings for the real estate due diligence process and financing. TRG has a long history of assessing contamination by using appropriate and available methods for efficiency and accuracy. We also manage environmental risks from different vantage points, such as cost, liability, and Human Health Risk (HHR). Our work can compare existing contaminant levels to existing HHR standards to formulate mitigation measures, when appropriate.

Our qualified staff regularly manages and maintains non-profit organizations’ CERS (California Environmental Reporting System) accounts to comply with regulatory requirements. Furthermore, we have recommended appropriate solutions for remediation projects involving recalcitrant chemicals, such as PCE, TCE, gasoline, and heavy metals. Our remediation strategies and estimating evaluation experience add value to both sides of real estate transactions. Since we are a California licensed General and HazMat Contractor, we can perform vapor intrusion mitigation, remediation system installations, and operations and maintenance.

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