Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Rosanne Fischer: Senior Technical Writer / Registered Environmental Property Assessor


Since 1994, she has worked under the direct  supervision of The Reynolds Group’s (TRG) President, a Registered Civil Engineer, in performing field work and report writing for hundreds of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Subsurface Investigations, soil and groundwater remediation projects, groundwater monitoring events, asbestos surveys, and mitigation projects.

Ms. Fischer has grown to become the lead Registered Environmental Property Assessor for TRG. Her due diligence experience is comprehensive, spanning real property encompassing retail, commercial, industrial, residential, and “open space.”  She also is an expert at client interaction, establishing clear expectations and managing portfolios of projects and investigations.

At one point in time, The Reynolds Group completed 40 Phase I ESA’s monthly for Bank of America alone.  Ms. Fischer has completed many of the due diligence requests of the County of Riverside, Real Estate Services Division where TRG had been a “preferred environmental consultant.”

Project Experience

Environmental Site Assessment and Subsurface Investigation – Beverly Hills, California
In 2004, The Reynolds Group performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on a vacant property in Beverly Hills.  The property was a former gas station from 1954-1978.  The gas station was demolished and tanks were removed.  TRG performed a subsurface investigation to find out if there was any active soil and groundwater contamination at the site.  The investigation found low concentrations of TPH gasoline, ethylbenzene and xylenes in only one sample location.  The concentrations are not a potentially serious environmental impact to the property.  Recently in 2013, TRG took additional soil and groundwater samples at the site and the results came back non-detect of the original low concentrations of contamination.  Therefore the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board issued a No Further Action letter in July 2013.

Various Phase I ESAs in City Boundaries – Carson & Lynwood, California
TRG was contracted by the City of Carson to perform as-needed Environmental Site Assessment screenings for Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) property acquisitions.  Work included property inspections and in-depth research into environmentally related issues to determine if the properties qualified for NSP funding.  TRG successfully completed five such screenings during the contract period, all within a tight time-frame and in a cost-effective manner.

Phase I ESA along I-105 Corridor – Lynwood, California
The City of Lynwood Redevelopment Agency hired The Reynolds Group to evaluate, using AAI Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Protocol, a 13 parcel site that the City was considering purchasing and converting into a park.  The adjoining parcels were once part of the Pacific Electric Railroad right of way that contained electrical substations and a highly trafficked railroad.  In addition, a number of historical uses in addition to the railroad were noted.  The Reynolds Group performed the work on time and on budget.

Due Diligence for Real Estate Transaction: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment – Torrance, California
The Reynolds Group was contracted by the Banc of California to perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment as a due diligence for a pending real estate transaction.  There was an oil field in the 1920s but there were no evidence of activity. Therefore no further investigations were warranted at the time.

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments at Recycling Facility – Wasco, California
A Phase I ESA was performed by TRG on a commercial rubber recycling facility in Wasco, California.  Results of the investigation indicated very poor housekeeping, including careless storage and disposal of potentially hazardous chemicals, and apparent leaking from an above ground diesel tank onto bare soil.  A limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment performed by TRG indicated some petroleum impact in shallow soils, but at concentrations below actionable levels.  Within the Phase I/Phase II reports, TRG provided the Client with specific guidance in housekeeping and chemical storage practices to prevent future issues of environmental concern at the Property.

Deed Restriction Closure at former Dry Cleaner – Los Angeles, California
The Reynolds Group was retained by a client who owned a former dry cleaner site.  TRG performed a Human Health Risk Assessment since there was a public school next to the property and found low detections of PCE at the site.  The low levels of PCE were monitored over a span for four months and results showed the detections were stable.  TRG requested a case closure without requirements for mitigation and the Department of Toxic Substances Control, the lead regulatory agency, closed the site with a deed restriction.