Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Asbestos Assessment in Response to SCAQMD Violation

The Reynolds Group was contracted by a property owner who had received a “Notice to Comply” from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) based on a roof replacement that its tenant had completed without landlord permission in December 2013. Asbestos-containing materials had rained into the occupied building space below the roof because the roofing contractor had not performed asbestos testing prior to the re-roofing. Furthermore, the roofing contractor did not anticipate debris falling into the occupied space.

TRG performed an asbestos survey of the entire space and determined that a environmental hazard existed. We worked with the SCAQMD, the client, and the client’s attorney to submit an emergency Procedure 5 Plan to clean the interior of the building. This work involved handling thousands of inventory pieces, removing the tenant who owed significant amounts of back rent, and engaging a professional asbestos abatement firm to competently handle the decontamination according to the SCAQMD approved Procedure 5.

TRG successfully delivered the entire project to the satisfaction of the client and the SCAQMD, delicately steering through the maze of regulations and legal challenges that arose during the conduct of the work.