Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Canyon Clean Out With UST Removal

In 2014, The Reynolds Group was hired to clear out decades old debris from a canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains for an expansive private residence. TRG initially employed to decommission the resident’s private fueling facility by removing an underground storage tank and restoring the cobblestone driveway. We performed the work to the client’s satisfaction.

Standard UST Removal

To prepare the property for sale, the bank/trustee asked TRG to price and perform “clean out” of a canyon that had been used for decades as a debris “dump.” The bank/trustee needed the work done to eliminate liabilities and doubts from the pending real estate transaction.

The video below looks down on the 200 feet canyon from the top of the debris pile. Even more debris is visible at the bottom of the canyon.

TRG’s safe, courteous, responsive, and open-book operations team employed an innovative combination of long reach heavy equipment, loaders, trucks, and labor to clear the canyon of debris. We safely accessed the tight site confines and successfully performed the work. Debris was segregated and aggregated in a staging area to economize green waste for recycling on-site and construction debris for off-site disposal.

2TRG Operations at Full Throttle

TRG was fully responsive to the unique and challenging needs of the bank/trustee to restore the canyon to its original grade. TRG performed the work to the client’s satisfaction.

3Before: Makeshift “Waste Dump”

4After: Another Job Well-Done!

TRG has removed hundreds of underground storage tanks throughout Los Angeles and Greater Southern California. This job became one of our favorite because it let us work in an idyllic setting near the Pacific Ocean, while we restored a property so both the Client and the environment benefited. Decades of debris were safely removed to expedite a time-sensitive real estate transaction thanks to TRG’s service.