Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Case Closure for Contaminated Brownfield

In 2014, The Reynolds Group obtained full regulatory closure for a contaminated brownfield site in the City of Coachella. The closure of the fallow “Brownfield” site allows the City and surrounding impacted properties to realize their full economic value without any environmental impairment discount.

The cleanup was funded by the Emergency, Abandoned, and Recalcitrant (EAR) Account, which is administered by the State of California Cleanup Fund. TRG assessed the gasoline plumes in soil and groundwater (which extended far off site across a city street and beneath neighboring properties), installed soil vapor extraction and “bio-air sparge” systems, and completed active remediation. An MTBE “cut off plume” was also cleaned up south of the Site. We conducted semi-annual groundwater monitoring through an extensive network of groundwater monitoring wells.

The work was completed using off-site “bio-air sparge” wells to address the plume in the groundwater that had traveled off-site. “Bio-air sparging” is a form of remediation that uses the natural bacteria in the soil above the groundwater to decompose volatile organic compounds that are stripped from the water during sparging. “Bio-air sparging,” if shown to be effective during pilot testing, allows an active remediation system to be constructed without having to use costly carbon to treat the gasoline in the air stream. At Coachella, TRG showed that “bio-air sparging” was effective to save thousands of dollars in operations and maintenance costs.

Additionally, to ensure an even greater impact on the overall project, we coordinated efforts between EAR funding administrators and the local Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board regulator to lay out project plans and budgets. TRG’s full menu of technical, project management, and financial fiduciary capabilities significantly reduced the “time to closure.” Closure was achieved from Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board and TRG performed its work to the Cleanup Fund Cost Guidelines with pre-approved budgets.