Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Commercial Property Redevelopment: Brownfield to Retail Center

In a unique government-private partnership, The Reynolds Group’s client developed a major regional retail center on a brownfield property in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County, CA, that contained a former glass manufacturing facility and other former industrial uses.

We provided forensic services during demolition of the property to identify historic uses with environmental concerns and to locate specific areas requiring assessment. TRG separated and prioritized cleanup and closure activities for the property according to future use (occupied areas versus parking areas). During the course of work, we encountered and remediated arsenic and chromium-impacted kiln brick, volatile organic compounds, numerous underground storage tanks and clarifiers, pesticides, and PCB’s.

TRG provided expeditious turnkey assessment and remediation services as the above problems were encountered. For these issues, cleanup levels were based upon an assessment of potential health risk in future occupied areas, with lesser standards applied to parking areas. Because of the size of the site and its complex industrial past, we employed the use of GPS to collect data and a Geographical Information System (GIS) to manage all of the information on the case. From this GIS database, detailed maps were created and used during construction activities and for future land use restriction planning. During this commercial property redevelopment project, TRG provided instant response services and high level interaction with the local regulatory agency.Brownfields and Redevelopment

Brownfields and Redevelopment