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Phone: (714) 730-5397

Habitat Restoration: Children’s “Nature” Pond for OC Department of Education

hab1Restored Pond

Nothing conjures up images of “Sustainability” than restoring a pond for children to enjoy. The Reynolds Group recently completed a turnkey restoration project for the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE). The habitat department administers a program called Inside the Outdoors that gives children hands-on experiences about nature and fosters their enthusiasm for the environment.

One of the children’s favorite encounters is the pond at the Rancho Sonado facility in Santiago Canyon. Over the course of five years, the pond was overtaken by invasive plant species. During the Winter of 2010-11, heavy rains caused debris flows to fill in much of the pond, leaving it susceptible to further rapid encroachment by invasive species.

Working with OCDE’s on-site managers and TRG’s own biological resource specialist, TRG was able to scope the habitat restoration project and provide a not-to-exceed price to clear the pond of the invasive plant species and unwanted sediment.. The scope and price also included training the OCDE staff to take steps to prevent and limit the return of the pesky plants.



The project manager from TRG, Tabitha Esther, coordinated and supervised the habitat restoration. The work included clearing menacing plants and using limited access heavy equipment to create erosion control on the slopes around the OCDE property. Catch basins were constructed to slow stormwater flows and capture sediment before they reached the pond.

TRG’s biological resource manager developed a comprehensive field guidebook and provided hands-on demonstrations. The guides were developed for volunteers (the children!) to use to manage the pond, thereby adding to the program’s mission of providing learning experiences about ecological conservation in Orange County.



The Reynolds Group is proud to create a successful habitat restoration! Helping out the community and providing a clean environmental builds a bright future.