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Phone: (714) 730-5397

Heavy Metals Site Closure in Beverly Hills

The Reynolds Group assisted a property management company in the wrap up of a tenant lease in Beverly Hills, California. The former occupant operated a metal plating business in the leased space. As part of the wind down of the lease, the tenant was required to return the property to its original condition. The property manager had been working with another environmental consultant who had identified metals in the soil beneath the former plating operation. However, the property manager retained TRG to perform the cleanup of the property and obtain case closure from the Los Angeles County Fire Department HAZMAT Division.

Concentrations of contaminants in the soil, such as chromium, copper, lead, nickel and zinc, exceeded allowable limits and necessitated the physical excavation of the soils in order to clean up the site. Unfortunately, the impacted soils were beneath the building and below a shallow basement. Approximately 50 cubic yards of soil needed to be dug up, manifested, and properly disposed of. TRG was able to mobilize specialized equipment to the site in order to excavate the contamination from the basement level and load it into bins to transport to an appropriate disposal facility. Confirmation sampling showed pockets of contamination still in place after the initial excavation and additional spot excavation was performed. TRG reported on the excavation activities, confirming that the metals at the site were now below concentrations negotiated with the County Fire Department. Case closure is eminent.

After a few months, TRG’s client received the No Further Action Letter. This project was similar to many TRG cases that were successfully executed for both tenants and property owners/managers. The lease was completed and the commercial property became ready for the next business to move in and benefit our state’s economy.Heavy Metals Contamination Cleanup

Heavy Metals Contamination Cleanup