Phone: (714) 730-5397

Phone: (714) 730-5397

Restoring Real Estate Values for “Mom and Pops”

In the real estate marketplace environmental contamination reduces property values. The Reynolds Group continues to enhance real estate values by reducing the stigma and liability associated with contamination and obtaining No Further Action Letters from various environmental regulatory agencies.  Here are just a few examples of cases in 2013 that TRG has closed for small business owners:

  • a former auto repair facility in downtown Los Angeles, California, for the estate of a holocaust survivor who was able to sell his property immediately
  • a commercial retail development with a dry cleaner and former gasoline station that was owned in partnership by a group of dentists
  • a former gas station and mini market in San Diego, California, for a family trust
  • a former car wash with fueling facilities in Huntington Beach, California, across the street from a major gasoline spill where the third successor owner (a small businessman) had an environmental impairment liability hanging over his head
  • a former gasoline station in Moreno Valley, California, of two daughters retired in Palm Springs who can now sell their property
  • a former automobile service station in Los Angeles, California, passed from a deceased husband to his widow in a case that had lain dormant in the City of Los Angeles Fire Department for over a decade; now she can cash out of the property
  • a former construction yard in Walnut, California, where TRG petitioned “over the head” of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board to the State Water Board and the State Water Board provided closure
  • an automobile service facility in Garden Grove, California, owned by a small business owner who owned a small chain of mechanics facilities

The year 2013 was successful for The Reynolds Group. They aim to obtain No Further Action Letters in a timely manner and within budget.