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Phone: (714) 730-5397

UST Removal in Los Angeles

The Reynolds Group was hired by the Association for Los Angeles Sheriffs (ALADS) in 2007 to resolve what appeared to be a rather complicated underground storage tank (UST) matter. During due diligence for the pending sale of the ALADS property, a UST was found under the city right of way immediately adjacent to the site. The UST held the potential to sour the deal.

The previous consultant on the case encountered several setbacks and was estimating the project would cost about $200,000 to resolve over a long time frame. The UST lay beneath the public sidewalk with several telephone cables and high voltage electric lines running above it. The discovery of the tank placed tremendous pressure on the Executive Director of ALADS to obtain closure of the issue from the City of Los Angeles Fire Department. Abandoning the tank in place would have required a revocable permit and ALADS would have been liable for removing the UST at any point in the future if the City revoked the permit. Therefore, The Reynolds Group navigated through several city agencies to permit the project including the Los Angeles Fire Department, Bureau of Engineering, Street Lighting Division, Urban Forestry Division and the Department of Water and Power, in addition to the SBC and Verizon telecommunication companies.

The removal of the UST involved the coordination of a dozen trades over two separate phases, the first of which was conducted while the project permit applications were in process. TRG saved the client $120,000 and obtained a No Further Action Letter after removing the UST.